Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ben update

Ben is 8 months old now and as sweet and cute as ever. He is such a good baby!! What a joy and a blessing he is. He even sleeps through the night. He is 8 months and has 8 teeth, 9 and 10 are starting to poke through. Yikes!! He rolls all over and is starting to get up on his knees, he rocks himself back and forth. We love this little guy so much!

Wisdom Teeth

So random...I am almost 29 and I had to have my wisdom teeth out. Not very fun. The only thing that was funny was when I came to from being under I couldn't stop laughing!!

Do you want to build a snowman...

 The eyes are pine cones, the nose is a carrot, the mouth is pipe cleaners, the buttons are black fuzzies.
We built this awesome snowman...actually it was mostly Aaron.

Jan 11

Girl's weekend in Vegas

For my mom's 60th birthday Michelle, mom, and I had a girl's weekend in Vegas! We had a great time. Ben came along to. My dad was there to watch Ben between feedings.

we saw the blue man group

We went for a walk and Michelle's dog Taco jumped in the back on Ben's stroller!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast
We had a dance party tonight
Our candle lite pizza dinner