Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our cousins came to see us

Our awesome cousins came up to see us from Utah.  We took them fishing at the sand ponds and also took them to Yellowstone.  We had so much fun with them. 

Ellie loved Uncle Jacob

Buffalo in the background

At Yellowstone Grand Canyon.  There have been some fires up here so it was really hazy.

Climbing "R" Mountain

We took a family trip to climb R mountain.  Believe it or not it was my first time making the climb.  I was really proud of Isaac and Sam.  They climbed the whole way without being carried or complaining.  They were so tough.  Parts of the hike are really steep. Ellie rode in luxury in the back pack!!  We all had a fun time.  The boys thought it was so cool because R mountain is an extinct volcano!


A few weeks ago Isaac was brushing his teeth and came to tell me that he had a wiggly tooth.  He was so excited!!  He was afraid to eat and also afraid to go fishing with Sam and Daddy.  They were all about to leave to go fishing however, Isaac was worried he might lose his tooth in the river, causing the tooth fairy to not come to our house.  So he stayed home with Ellie and I.  I finally talked him into some soft food to eat and once he realized that was ok he decided to have a cookie.  Well that did the trick... as he was eating the cookie his tooth came out.  He was supper excited!! We all were.  Our first child to lose a tooth.  He told all his friends and also wanted to call Grandma and Grandpa (on both sides) and a few cousins.  The tooth fairy came that night and we had one excited boy in the morning! The next week he lost another tooth.  He has lost his 2 middle bottom teeth.