Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweet Moments

The other night I was feeding Ellie and Aaron was putting the boys to bed. The rooms are close and I overhead story time...   We read the boys the picture version of the Book of Mormon every night.  You know the one that has about 6 little box pictures with writing underneath.  Well, the boys were reading the last chapter about Moroni's promise.  When they were done reading Aaron told the boys that they could pray and know if the Book of Mormon is true.   Isaac waned to pray he said, "Heavenly Father help us to know if the Book of Mormon is true." Simple to the point.  (Aaron helped a little, Isaac does not like much help though.)  When they were done praying Aaron said how do you feel.  Isaac excitedly said, "I FEEL GOOD!  Daddy, IT"S TRUE!!"  Isaac was so excited and sincere about the whole experience.   Listening to this sweet moment brought tears to my eyes!  What a testimony builder for me!   Isaac kept shouting "IT"S TRUE!"  When I came in the room after feeding Ellie he was sure to tell me.  It made me realize how important it is to read the scriptures as a family.  Half the time I don't think they are listening but they really are!