Sunday, November 27, 2011

Arizona Fun!

While Aaron was in training the kids and I went to Arizona!  We had a blast.  We went to the train museum, Schnepf farms, carved pumpkins, trick or treated, airplane museum (grandpa took the boys), went swimming, and went to the Phoenix zoo!!  Wow never a dull moment!  Here are some pictures of our adventures!
Both Isaac and Sam wanted to be Buzz Light Year this year!

Schnepf Farms was a blast!

Isaac Loved all the rides! Especially the roller coaster!

When we went to the Phoenix Zoo we all got to feed the Giraffe's!!  So Cool! I have never been that close to a Giraffe before! 


Everything happened so fast... is true we are now living in Utah.  Never thought this would happen.  I knew we would move away from good ol' Rexburg but I never thought we would end up in Utah.  Aaron interviewed for the job they told him they would call him back in 2 weeks however they called him back the next day and wanted him to start Sep. 26!!  We put our house up for rent and we found renters in less than 24 hours.  We packed up our house and came down here!  Except Aaron had training for 4 weeks so the kids and I went to Arizona.  Leaving Rexburg was a sad sad day.  I miss our awesome house, our amazing friends, ward, neighborhood, the safe small town feel, the wonderful summers, the boys saying 775 Park Street in there cute voices!  As we drive away from our house I cried and cried wondering what we had gotten ourselves into but, also excited for the adventure ahead.  It has been an adventure but a good one.  Thanks to all my wonderful friends who came to help us on moving day!  We have been very blessed to make such good friends that we miss greatly!   Here are some pictures of our house.  It was very hard to leave this house!

Flowers that we planted this summer!

Grandma came to help us move!  We all love Grandma!