Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Hike

I have been so busy this week I have not had a chance to write about what we did last weekend.  We decided to take the boys out fishing.  First we went to Ashton Reservoir but right when we got there a whole bunch of college students came tubing down the river and decided to get out right where we were fishing.  So that ruined our fishing at that spot.  We packed up our things and went up the Mesa Falls road to bear gulch.  It is one of my favorite spots around here.  It is so beautiful.  It's a good little hike, we were very glad we brought the stroller.  Usually Ellie likes the baby bjorn but she decided not to like it that day.  I ended up holding her the whole time.  She was really good as long as she was swaddled and in my arms.  Aaron pushed the boys and carried our picnic lunch and fishing gear.  We made it to a spot where we could hike down to the water and had a little lunch.  Then we fished.  Isaac caught the first fish!  We ended up catching a bunch and having kind of a good time.  I think the boys had fun but Aaron and I were nervous about the boys being around the water.  Of coarse they are boys and like to do adventures things making mommy very nervous!  On our way home we had some yummy Popsicles and called it a day.  After eating our fish for dinner we all headed for bed.  We tired out the boys and Ellie but I think they tired out Mom and Dad the most!  When we tucked the boys into bed we asked them if they had fun.  Isaac said, "Yes, but next time can we go to a place with not so many mosquitoes!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family, Family, Family

 Saturday night as I leaned over to kiss my husband goodnight I sighed "Man I am all "coleman'd" out!" He laughed then kissed me and we went to bed.  You see our family had been visiting and almost everyone was staying at our house from about June 30th to July 9th.  If they were not staying at our house they were here late visiting every night.  Our house was packed but we loved and enjoyed every minute. This past week for us has been great, super busy and filled with family.  We blessed sweet little Ellie Sunday July 3.  It was perfect because all the family was able to come for the blessing and spend the forth with us as well.  Almost all of Aaron's family was here staying at our house!  From my side only my parents were able to come.  The Saturday before the forth, so the 2nd, we went up to Driggs, Idaho to Huntsman Springs Resort.  They were having a special Celebrate America Event!  It was great.  Free to the public with activities such as an air show, bmx show, bounce castles for kids, comedians, good food, face painting, pig races, and a show with dogs doing cool tricks.  Then in the evening they had a band/orchestra from BYUI play patriotic songs, followed by a guest speaker Glen Beck! Then the most amazing fireworks show I have ever seen!  It was too music and video and brought tears to most people's eyes!  I am proud to be an American.  We had a fun filled packed day.  Isaac and Sam were so good all day and loved being with there grandparents and cousins.  However, when the fireworks started neither of them could stay awake.  Poor Isaac had been talking about and waiting for the fireworks all day!  Then Sunday we blessed Ellie.  She was so beautiful in her dress!  The blessing was amazing!  What a special little girl she is!  Then Monday was the forth and honestly there is no better place to celebrate then Rexburg, Idaho.  Rexburg really is the all American community.  In the morning we went to the parade and the kids got lots of candy.  I love the parade because it is good clean fun, families are out together and there is no drinking or smoking.  Then we all came back here and had a barbecue and the kids played in the kid pool.  Instead of going to the fireworks in Idaho Falls we stayed here and did our own show.  Isaac was excited and loved helping daddy light the fireworks.  Later that night he came up to me and told me he needed his bed.  So I laid him and Sam down.  My boys are not use to staying up so late.  We also took our family to the civil defense caves, movies, the girls got pedicures, played wii, farmers market, the zoo, celebrated grandma Coleman's birthday, and stayed up late every night just visiting and having a good time.  We had family here for about 10 days but it seemed to go by so fast.  And one day in all of this I managed to get the stomach flu.  It only lasted 24 hours but still no fun.  Luckily Sam only got a touch of it and no one else got it! 

The girls got their face's painted at the Celebrate America Event.

Sam feel asleep during the fireworks with his hands over his ears!

Isaac asleep at the fireworks.  He tried so hard to stay awake

Amazing fireworks!

Grandma Nixon

Proud Happy Daddy!

She has had enough pictures but I love the way her dress looks!

Isaac loved having his cousins here

With Grandma Coleman

Sam waved non-stop at the parade!

Happy Forth of July!

All of Aaron's family that was at our house! Mom, Dad, Heather, Jacob, Jilla, (holding Ryder only 2 weeks old) Clay, Aaron, Me (holding Ellie) Stacie,  (Devon was greatly missed) Kylee, Kelsie, Trinity, Taylor, Sam and Isaac.

My Family! 

Isaac and Taylor at the zoo

Kelsie (holding Ellie) and Heather

Monday, July 11, 2011

Isaac's Garage Sale

Before I write about the 4th of July I wanted to write about Isaac's garage sale.  On Saturday the 25th of June we decided to help Isaac have a garage sale.  He really wanted the Woody action figure (Isaac will correct you if you call Woody a "doll") from Toy Story.  So we told him that if he sold some of his old toys he could earn the money to buy Woody.  It was hard for him to pick toys to sell but finally he had a good chunk of toys he could sell.  Aaron and I also put some things in the pile for Isaac to sell.  Believe it or not Isaac was able to earn enough money to buy Woody.  After we talked about tithing we went to the store and Isaac bought Woody.  He was sure proud of his purchase!  He showed everyone and told everyone that he bought him with his own money!