Monday, October 25, 2010

August Cali Trip

This August we took a trip to California!  We stared at the northern coast were we camped in the redwoods with Aaron's family.  I was very nervous with how the boys would do but they did awesome!  They loved everything about camping!  They were even excited to go to bed because they got to sleep in the tent! Isaac asked to go to bed the first night because he was so anxious to sleep in his cool bed in the tent. We were a snug little family all in one tent.  We also played at the beach almost everyday when we were there.  Isaac especially loved the redwoods and everyday we would go on dragon hunts!  Camping together was really fun and we were glad Grandma and Grandpa Coleman were there as well as Trinity, Clay, Jilla and Taylor.  After hanging out at the coast we went back to Aaron's parents house and had fun playing with the dogs and eating yummy fresh fruit right off the trees.  We spent a day fishing at lake Almanor.  For Trinity's birthday we all spent the day in six flags (about a 2 hour drive south of Aaron's parent's house.)  Six flags was a blast with the boys.  It is also a Marine world with whales and dolphins so we took the boys to a few shows!  Wow they loved it.  The first show was with a killer whale and we got there early enough to get seats in the splash zone!  I had no idea how much they splashed!  It was also my first time seeing a show like that before.  Six flags also had a Thomas the Tank engine world!!  Major plus!  We rode on a train pulled by Thomas!  Isaac and Sam were in Heaven.  We also took them to a Loony Tune world.  Isaac was tall enough to ride on every ride so he did!  Aaron and I were the only one's in the group that wanted to ride the BIG roller coasters so when the park only had 1 hour left to remain open we got the boys some dinner and Aaron and I took turns ridding the rides.  You see, there were no lines at this time so Aaron would run get on the ride, enjoy his ride, then run back down and I would run and do the same.  We actually did quite a few rides this way.  The boys didn't mind either.  They were pretty tired after our big day.  They sat in  the stroller and at there food and relaxed.  There were plenty of fun things to look at while Aaron and I went back and forth.  We had a busy day but the boys were so good!  We enjoyed seeing Aaron's family and being able to spend time with them.  We spent some time with Aaron's grandparent's as well as my Grandma Nixon and her husband Richard.
Sam enjoying the Northern California ocean. Crescent City, CA

Isaac and Trinity love to play together

Family Photo. We went to an aquarium while at the coast and got this pic

At the aquarium they let us pet these sharks

playing in the ocean. The boys didn't care that is was cold

kicking back by the camp fire

We got to see Great Grandma Nixon also

Fishing at Lake Almanor. Fish that Aaron and Isaac caught

Sam loved playing in the dirt while we fished

My handsome fisherman

riding on Harold at six flags

The Shed.

Isaac ridding a ride with a random boy.  Sam was too small for this one

Aaron up in a tree at his parent's house.

Cute Sam

Thomas Train we rode on

Great Grandma and Grandpa Coleman

Tea cup like ride at 6 flags

Sam on the teacup ride