Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Potty Training

This past week it has been raining non stop here in Idaho so with nothing else to do we decided to try potty training again.  We started a little while ago but things did not go well.  Isaac fought it and I got frustrated.  The best thing to do for both of us was take a break.  Then with so many events this year it was hard to find a time to potty train.  Finally we had nothing going on and bad weather.  (when the weather is nice it is hard to keep that boy inside)  I read so many books on potty training I didn't know what to do.  Finally one day I was out talking to my neighbor and she said to try setting the timer for every 15 to 20 minutes and then go sit on the potty.  So the next day that's what we did.  We were ready with underwear but had to bribe him to put them on but he did.  Then we set the timer.  It was good for both of us to be reminded.  He was really good about going and not fighting me about it.  I think it was because each time he sat on the potty he got to open a small present or have an M&M.  He loved to set the timer after each time so that was nice.  And yes, we had LOTS of accidents that day.  That night I ran to the store before bed time to buy pull ups.  So many people told me not to buy pull ups but I was terrified.  I came home with them and Isaac said, "No mommy these are Sam's.  Diapers are for baby's."  I was not expecting that at all.  So we sent him to bed with no diaper.  I had a pretty good feeling there would be an accident.  Sure enough there was.  It was okay though.  We changed his pants and sheets and went back to setting the timer.  Isaac did awesome.  We had one accident in the morning then after that he made it in the potty every time.  By the end of the second day he started telling me he had to go.  That night of course no diaper or pull up and I was nervous.  However, the next morning he came and told me he had to go potty!  We didn't make it in time but I was impressed.  Then by the third day I set the timer just to remind myself to ask him if he needed to go.  He was telling me when he needed to go!!! It was pretty funny, he started getting annoyed with me for asking if he needed to go so many times. And he has not wet the bed since that one time!!  Aaron was an awesome help.  Basically we did not leave the house for 3 days.  So if I ever needed to run an errand he would take right over for me. (he is working from home now)  The first time he went potty in the potty (this time) I was not there. 
Our biggest issue was #2.  He was afraid to go.  Yesterday was his first day going and we had a big celebration.  After dancing around the house we all went out for ice cream!  He is a potty champ!  This time both he and I were ready.  I have learned that the key to potty training is patience!  I read some where that you can never get upset when they don't make it.  I said lots of prayers for patience or that I would be able to handle the different situations that came with potty training and I know I was blessed.  I know that he still will have accidents but I am pretty dang proud of him.  He loves his underwear. It's like potty training gave him a new sense of Independence.  Yeah for Isaac!!