Friday, March 5, 2010

Sunny Day

Yesterday we woke up to beautiful blue skies and sunshine!  The snow outside was melting and all the snow on our deck was gone!  We were excited.  Isaac asked to go outside to play on our deck in the back.  I put his shoes on and let him go out.  I then went to grab his coat because the weather said that it was 35 degrees.  I took him his coat but he said, "No Mommy I need sunglasses!"  It just made me laugh.  So I brought him his sunglasses and his coat.  He took the sunglasses and still said no to the coat.  It was very bright outside so I don't blame him for wanting the sunglasses but I thought it was pretty funny that he didn't want his coat.  I guess we were all pretty excited to have such a nice sunny day.  When Sam woke up from his nap it was even warmer so we all went outside to play.  There is still snow on the ground just not on the deck.  Isaac wanted to play in the snow so I tried giving him his coat again.  However he did not want it.  He went down off the deck and found rocks to throw in the snow then he came up to me and said, "Mommy I need gloves."  I said to him "how about a coat and some gloves."  He said, "No mommy! Just gloves."  What a funny kid.  The boys loved being outside.  I had a hard time getting them back inside.
I was so excited about the sunny weather I wore my flip flops all day.  As many of you know they are my favorite shoes.  My feet hate to feel trapped in shoes but so often here in Rexburg they are.  I guess I really am an Arizona girl at heart. (Don't get me wrong I love it here.)
Then of all things we woke up this morning and it was snowing!!  Haha!  Well, I guess I have lived here long enough to know that snow came at any time of the year!  At least we took advantage of the warm weather yesterday! 

I forgot to take pictures outside yesterday but here are the boys enjoying some cookies!

Monday, March 1, 2010

All Weekend Long...

Well I am officailly a quarter of a century old!!  Yikes... that sounds worse than it really is! But yep I am now 25!!!  I had a great birthday!!  It felt like it lasted all weekend which made it even more fun.  Friday was my actual birthday.  Aaron made me a yummy breakfast and I had a chance to take it easy.  That night we went out to dinner!  Isaac was pretty excited about my birthday.  He loved going out to eat, he ate a ton, he especailly loved getting dessert.  Sam had good time also.  When we got home I opened some presents.  Thanks to everyone who sent cards, presents, gift cards, etc...I felt really loved!  Isaac is starting to understand the birthday idea so Aaron took him to the dollar store so he could pick out a gift for me.  Aaron told me Isaac was so excited to find something for me.  First he found two Disney princess things but then Aaron said when he saw what he got me he knew it was it.  He dropped the princess items and couldn't wait to give me his present.  Aaron helped him wrap it with a gift bag and some tissue paper.  He put the tissue paper in first then the present on top.  He ran out of the room holding the present, pulled the present out of the bag, and while handing it me said, "Happy Birthday Mommy!"  The present that he had to get me and was so excited about was a box of Raisinets!! It's amazing how a two year old and a box of Raisinets can make you feel so special and so loved!  Aaron suprised me with a red purse.  The story behind the purse is I saw it in Arizona after Christmas and was in love with it.  It didn't fit into the budget so I didn't get it.  However Aaron went back to the store later that night and got it for me and saved it for my birthday.  What a sweet husband!  I love him.  Then Saturday we went to a Colbie Caillat concert!!!  I love her and I found out she was coming to Pocatello the day after my birthday.  Perfect timing!!  Some of our awesome friends babysat for us!  We had an awesome time!  She is great live!  Then Sunday we had some friends/family over for cake and ice cream and played games!  I had a great birthday.  Thanks again to everyone who helped make me feel so special and loved.  I love you all                                              Me and my boys before dinner

Sam enjoying some dessert at dinner
Isaac and Aaron at Dinner

Aaron and I at the Colbie Caillat concert.  It was awesome!

This is Colbie Caillat.  We actually had good seats!  We were pretty close to the front and right in the middle!

                                                                             I love this movie!  Thanks Aubrey and Jon!  It's Isaac's new favorite also!

I love Jane Austen and my mom found this book for me with all of her novels.  Can't wait to read them all again.

My awesome new red purse!  Plus it's big enough to use as a diaper bag!

                                        A watch that my sweet friend Lori made for me!  I love it!