Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow! Snow! Snow!

This pic makes it look like the snow is taller than our house!

Well these pictures are mostly for my Dad's entertainment! When talking to him on the phone after ground hog day I made the mistake of saying that we were having 6 more months of winter instead of 6 more weeks. He thought it was hilarious and in between laughs he said, "Well in your case it probably is 6 more months!!" We have big snow piles in our front yard. Its mostly from shoveling the driveway so much. Which my awesome husband has to do so often. We are enjoying our winter and really we have actually received less snow this year than previous years and it has been a warmer winter. However I know there are some of you who would beg to differ!

Aubrey and Jon came to see us!

We were lucky this year to have Aubrey and Jon come up and see us! We had a blast with them and were so glad that they came to see us! Isaac and Samuel loved having them here too. On Saturday Jon and Aaron went ice fishing and Aubrey and I stayed home and made a special dinner for our husbands. It was fun and yummy! Then Sunday we invited Clay and Jilla over for dessert and played games. I loved seeing Aubrey pregnant. It made me so happy. She is so beautiful and so happy. I am so excited for her. She and Jon will be great parents.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Monumental Day

It may not mean much to others out there but it means much to us...Isaac had his first successful potty training experience today!! And boy did we celebrate! Yeah for potty training! I just had to make sure this day was documented so here it is! We have had other mishaps but today we successfully made it in the toilet!! Yeah for Isaac!