Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back in Idaho

After our fun in Arizona we went back to Idaho. We spend time inside playing in our new tent/tunnel that aunt Michelle gave us. The boys love going in and out over and over. We also have gone ice fishing and sledding. I helped Isaac make a snowman and then we made snow angles. I put a video of Isaac making a snow angle on the bottom.

Ice Fishing


Christmas in Mesa

After our fun Christmas with Aaron's Parents in Idaho we headed down to Arizona. Isaac loved playing with Jack and Chase! We enjoyed the sunshine!! We loved being with all of our family! Here are some of our fun moments!

Isaac enjoyed the sunshine!
Mommy and her boys at the train museum

Daddy and Isaac on the train

Sam and Daddy enjoying the sun.

Grandpa and Sam enjoying the sun. Sam looks hilarious to me in this pic

At the train museum. Sam is trying to grab the camera

Daddy and Isaac ridding the train at the train museum that Grandma took us to

Samuel and Mommy about to ride the train

Isaac loved the train museum that Grandma took us to. We rode the train 4 times. Isaac was in heaven he loves trains and they were just his size.

Samuel and Grandma

Santa brought Isaac a Tricycle

Christmas Eve

The boys all got matching pj's for Christmas Eve

The boys decorated giant ginger bread men

Aunt Michelle helping Isaac

Isaac, Uncle David, Jack, and Chase

Christmas in Rexubrg

We had a great Christmas! First Aaron's parents came out to see us in Rexburg. Aaron's brother graduated from BYU-Idaho so we had a little Christmas with Clay, Jilla, Taylor, and Grandma and Grandpa Coleman. We all had a nice visit with them. Aaron and Samuel loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa! It was a first Christmas for Taylor and Samuel. We had fun with them. Sam loves to Crawl under the table, but then he gets frustrated when he gets stuck or tries to sit up under a chair
I thought this was such a cute picture of Grandpa and baby Taylor!

Samuel opening some prestents from Grandpa and Grandma Coleman

Cute Baby Taylor!! Isaac and Samuel love it when Taylor comes over!

Isaac's most favorite toy!! He can't go anywhere without Mack! I was so excited when I found this toy. I got in on black friday! It has been a hit. I hope nothing ever happens to it.