Thursday, November 5, 2009


Isaac's favorite part of the trip! His tractor!!

Trinity, Isaac, and Sam

Grandma and Grandpa Coleman and Sam

Sam and Great-Grandpa Coleman

Visiting with Great-Grandma Nixon on Halloween

We had an awesome Halloween! We decided to go out to California because we never were able to go this last summer. Before we left we carved some pumpkins in our new house! Isaac thought it was great to stick his hands in the goop. Our trip to California was great and we were so glad we went. It was fun to be with Aaron's family. Isaac loved playing with his cousin Trinity. Even though she is 7 and he is 2 they played great together. Isaac did not want to go anywhere without Trinity. We were able to spend some time with Aaron's grandparents as well as my grandma. We were even lucky enough to see my dad. He happened to be visiting his mom (my grandma) the same time we were there. We only got to see him for a little while because he was leaving the day we got there. However Isaac was happy to see his Papa-zona. (that's what he calls my dad) Isaac loved Halloween. Him and Sam were dinosaurs. Isaac loved trick-or-treating with his cousins and growling "like a dinosaur!" Isaac got really good at saying trick or treat and would sign the word please as he was saying it. Sam just went with the flow and didn't fuss at all when I put him in his dinosaur costume. Both boys were really good on this trip. We took great-grandpa coleman fishing one day and almost the whole time Isaac sat on his lap and just talked and talked to Grandpa. Sam also was sitting in his car seat talking away! (Sam is so talkative it's so funny to hear his little baby talk. Sam is also getting his 5th tooth!)

OH yeah! While on the fishing trip Isaac got a little over excited lost his balance and fell head first into the lake! It was deep where we were too. Aaron quickly grabbed him but he was soaked! Luckily I had an emergency outfit in the car. I have learned that with kids you always need to bring an extra outfit if you are far from home!

Isaac had fun with lots of things but the part he loved most about this trip was great-Grandpa Coleman's tractor. Isaac's favorite thing to do was sit on it and pretend he was driving! We could not get him off of that thing. We couldn't bribe him with anything. He was perfectly happy sitting on the tractor.

Well we had a blast and were so glad we went!