Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Lions in the background

Isaac was terrified of this tiger at first. He thought it was real and would not go near it.

We took the boys to the zoo for the first time. We were not sure how the Idaho Falls zoo would be, however we really liked it. It is very small but landscaped very fun. You feel like you are in a jungle. There are only a handful of animals but Isaac loved it. His favorite were the Lions. There was a male and female. He could have stayed and watched them for hours. Isaac also had fun feeding the goats his crackers. He loved the monkey's, birds, alligators...etc he loved it all. What a fun age to take him to the zoo. Sam had fun too. He chilled in the stroller but was good the whole time!


Aaron and Isaac had the opportunity to go fishing together the other day. They both had a blast. Sam and I stayed home. (Sam's not up to fishing yet) Aaron helped Issac catch all kinds of fish. They also caught frogs and grasshoppers. Isaac had fun throwing rocks and fish. Wait... fish? Well, he didn't mean to throw the fish he was just trying to put them back in the water. Isaac also got to see a deer that ran into the road. Aaron told me that on the way to the fishing spot the sun was behind some clouds. He said there were some rays coming down through the clouds. Aaron told Isaac not to look at the sun because it could hurt his eyes. Isaac said, (while pointing to the sun/clouds) "No Daddy Jesus, Jesus!"
After they got home Isaac was so talkative and kept saying "brown trout" in his cute little voice. That's what they caught. I think the poor fish were traumatized after Isaac was through with them but Aaron said all the fish swam away. One even had to be revived. When Aaron told me that my first thought was fish CPR? No, it's not like that. You just move them back and forth in the water until they can swim again. Apparently Isaac knocked one of the fish out. That's the one that Aaron revived.

The fish is on the line. Look at that happy face!

He's got a fish on!!!!!!!!

If you watch closely you can see the fish swimming around. I love his fish faces.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sam's Haircut

He is still our cute baby but with shorter hair. I was
sad to see it go but I think it needed to be done!

Sams's Hair was just getting so long and stringy so
we decided to cut it.

Isaac on the boat

Aaron and Isaac went to the lake a few weeks ago. Isaac had so much fun. It was just him and Daddy. He loved that he got to wear a Lighting McQueen life vest. He really enjoyed his time on the boat and wants to do it again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sam Talking

Here is little Sam talking away. It seems like every time I pull out the camera when he is babbling he stops!