Friday, February 20, 2009

St George

My cousin and his wife were married in St. George on Valentine's Day!! Aaron, Isaac, and I drove down from Rexburg. It was sure nice to get out of the snow and enjoy some sunshine. Isaac loved being able to run around without all his snow gear on. It was also fun to be with and see all the family! We had a really good time.
These pictures are taken right outside of the temple! It was a beautiful day.

Big Foot

Isaac loves to try on shoes, especially if they are Aaron's. Here he is wearing daddy's hunting boots!!

Winter Fun

Some one took the time to carve this bear out of snow! I thought it was so cool! Isaac had so much fun sledding. He loves to be outside. We can never get him to come in! He calls his sled his boat and loves to go down the hills or be pulled around! Since I am so pregnant it is hard for me to pull him around or go sledding so Aaron and him have the most fun. We are enjoying all of our snow here in Rexburg. (for the most part)