Monday, August 11, 2008


Right After Stacie's wedding the we all went camping! We camp in the Redwoods at Cresent City. It was Isaac's first camping trip and he did really well! I think he really enjoyed it! He had fun playing in the dirt and with sticks. He was not afraid of anything! Cresent City is right on the coast so we got to play in the sand and water. Isaac and Dad loved finding crabs and starfish to show Mom. Isaac would hold the crabs and try to grab the starfish. What a brave little guy.

The family in front of the big Paul Bunion Statue

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stacie's Wedding

The very next weekend after Aubrey's wedding Aaron's little sister Stacie was married! We had a long 14 hour drive to Corning! Let me tell you it was long...but we made it. Stacie was married in the Sacramento Temple to Devon MacLellan! It was a happy day! We were so glad we could be there! Isaac's cousins were sure cute!! Aaron was the best man and instead of wearing a tux he got a new suit! He got it the night before just in time! And he looks good!! He did have to wear a bright pink tie but he did it for his sister!


Isaac is only a year old and has already been all over the place! Aubrey Graff and Jon McLaughlin were married this July in the Birmingham, Al temple. It was fun to be able to go out there and celebrate with them. I was a bridesmaid and Isaac had a cute little suit. We were sad because Aaron was not able to attend but both of my parents came. They had fun with Isaac. The Graff family treated us great! They put us up in a fabulous house and fed us great meals!! The wedding was beautiful but the bride was even more beautiful! Jon and Aubrey are so happy and so in love. They made everyone around them happy! Isaac had fun getting lots of attention from handfuls of people! He even did pretty well in the Alabama heat! The trip to Alabama was long! We left the day before the flight and drove to Salt Lake. We stayed with my good friend Lisa and her husband. It was fun to see Lisa, I had not seen her in years!! We talked forever. The next morning Isaac and I had to be at the airport at 5am!! Lisa was kind enough to drive us that early. Our first flight took us to Phoenix. Isaac did well on that flight seeing how it is only and hour and a half (or less) In Phoenix we met up with my parents. They got on the flight and we all flew in to Birmingham. Isaac did good for the first while but had a hard time towards the end. He just could not seem to get comfortable! But we finally made it to Birmingham just in time for rush hour traffic. We had a hour and a half drive to the cute little town of Wetupmka (that's were Aubrey and Jon's families live) We finally made it! The next day was getting ready for the wedding day! We had to do the essentials like getting our nails done. Aubrey, her sister in law Shanna and I went and got pedicures and manicures. The people there were nice and asked me if I was 15 years old. I told them I was 23 and had a baby boy. That night we had a BBQ and a pool party. The next day was the big day! Aubrey and I got up at the crack of dawn so she could get her hair done. Then Jon, Aubrey, her mom, Jon's best man Daniel, and myself drove to Birmingham for pictures at the temple before the sealing. Then there was the sealing which was wonderful! After that was a yummy luncheon. Then we had time to relax but just for a while. Shanna did my hair and did an awesome job. The reception was fun and beautiful! It was a dream wedding! Then the bride and groom were off for there honeymoon!

The next day was the flight home! Isaac did better but still struggled! We flew to Phoenix I said goodbye to my mom then my dad flew with me to Salt Lake. He then drove Isaac and I home that night! We did not get home until 1 am. That was so nice of him. We hung out with him the next day for a while then he flew out of Idaho Falls and eventually made it back to Phoenix. Wow! What a trip but we had a blast!!